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VIDEO GALLERY: New to the our show? Then get the whole story with this wonderful segment of BROADWAY BEAT on the opening of THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS (THE MUSICALS!) with special thanks to Bradshaw Smith and Richie Ridge.You can also see our TV SPOT of audience testimonials from our original Off-Broadway run.

Broadwayworld.Com tells how our own Melanie Herman traveled a long road to become


Where you there?
Check out our Off Broadway Opening Night Photo Gallery February 10 and 13th, 2005


Catch Joanne Bogart’s recent article here on’sFirst Person Section called “Giants in the Sky.” Joanne hits all the right notes as she reports mingling with theatrical titans


Charles Battersby of TALKINBROADWAY.COM bring the creators and lead producer together for in-depth interview. Click here for the full text. (5/26/05)