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The SceneA darkened off-Broadway theater. Onstage an anxious interviewer awaits the arrival of the creators of THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS (THE MUSICAL!)Without warning the lights come up revealing Joanne Bogart and Eric Rockwell poised casually on a ladder. The interview begins.

Interviewer: The two of you created THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS, correct?

Eric: Yes, but the full title is actually THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS, (THE MUSICAL!)

Interviewer: Before we continue, is there any reason for the two of you to be on that ladder? You weren’t actually doing any painting or set construction or anything, were you?

Eric and Joanne: (glancing at each other sheepishly) Uh, no, not really. We thought we looked cute and casual up here but, I guess …(They climb down awkwardly and sit on chairs like normal people. They then assume another ‘casual’ pose.)

 Now, THE MUSICAL OF MUSICALS (THE MUSICAL!) is actually five musicals in one, each with the same plot but done in the style of a different famous Broadway composer. Could you tell the website audience a bit about this ambitious and brilliant pastiche that has the critics kvelling?

Joanne: (Clearly out of her depth) Well, okay, but there is no pastiche served during the show. Just some Corn at the very beginning … (with a sudden burst of confidence)a very good place to start.

(They all laugh nervously and too heartily at that familiar reference. After a short silence, the interview continues…)